Update November 2023

Hi everyone,
We hope that you are continuing to enjoy our Shalumar Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which we tend to call EVOO!
We entered our oil in the Australian International Olive Awards: and we have been awarded a Silver Medal. We were in the Robust Oil category: the choice is Mild, Medium or Robust.
The judges’ comments were:
Fresh fruitiness with floral, herb and green tea notes. Abundant aromas, with a high transfer to the palate. Additional fresh hay, meadow, and citrus on the palate. Warm and creamy mouthfeel. Slightly astringent with big bitterness and black pepper that is a little out of balance. Complex and persistent oil.
This is a great result for us considering the challenging past season.
In the cycle of olives, the trees have just flowered in late October, and we are waiting to see how much fruit sets on the trees. In the Hunter generally flowering has been modest, mainly attributed to a dry June and July, the period when the trees decide on their spring flowering. Growers with Hunter River irrigation who have abundant water and used it in June and July are faring better. Shalumar has only surface dams on our farm for water: we have to be much more prudent in water usage. Harvest will be modest in May, with bottling in June.
As we all now know an El Nino is upon us: the rain stopped in the Hunter more or less at the start of winter: our main dam is gradually going down!
On a wider front, we have finished calving, and we are hand feeding every second day until our kikuyu pasture gets growing again. For drought insurance we have taken delivery of a truckload of Lucerne hay, hauled all the way from the Murray Valley. The last lot lasted 5 years, we hope this delivery lasts as long, but everyone is nervous regarding the weather outlook moving forward.
We are reasonably prepared for bushfires. One can always do more! We have had the big jet water bomber going over us, whilst the helicopters were pulling their water from our neighbour’s dam. This was for what became called the Kearsley fire.
We still have a few bottles of oil left, so order now, if you haven’t already done so, or would like more for Christmas. Prices are unchanged:
1 bottle $20, 2 bottles $40, 4 bottles $77, 8 bottles $147.
Email me on shalumar01@gmail.com or asmith51@bigpond.net.au or text me.
As usual I will walk around and deliver it for those of you on the Point.

Alan and Jocelyn Smith