April 2nd 2022 Update

I hope that you are continuing to enjoy our Shalumar Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Don’t hoard it, use it. Olive oil gradually deteriorates with age!

At the Hunter Olive Show we entered in Class 1: Mild Extra Virgin Olive Oil with 3 batches.

Our results were:

For batches as listed on your bottles:

T1, T2 and T32:

Gold Medal, Best in Class 1,

Trophy for the Best Olive Oil from all classes from Hunter Valley Fruit.

T50 and T60: Silver Medal.           

T40: Bronze Medal.

A fantastic set of results.

All is now sold!

The Hunter Valley outlook for this year for olives is poor.

The trees are not cropping well.

There has also been a lack of sunny weather and an abundance of rain for most of summer.

Olive trees do not like being waterlogged.

For Shalumar, we are flood free, although the local roads are falling apart! The cows are getting used to sodden pasture. The geese think everything is wonderful.

The Shalumar crop in 2021 was 3.5 tonnes off 400 trees, a mix principally of Frantoio and Coratina varieties

This year it is probably 400kgs: almost totally Frantoio.

We expect to harvest in early May, and with the small quantity will process it ourselves on a friend’s baby olive mill. The same mill that processed last year’s Gold medal oil.

Our trees look quite happy, with lots of leaf growth. This bodes well for 2023 year, olive trees fruit on this year’s leaf growth.

Alan and Jocelyn Smith